Bound by Faith

Bound by Faith

A Note From Pastor Heidi

Each day our youth will dive into scripture and we’d love to have our congregation follow along with us! Below is the scripture for each day. Read it, pray over it. Pray not only for our youth but all of those that we will be serving with from around the United States as well as those that we will be serving in the Mescalero, New Mexico area. This year’s theme is “The Road”. Our lives are always in motion, even when we are not aware of the direction that we are headed. In a sense, we are on a road trip that spans a lifetime. Join us on our road trip!

Prayers for our 2017 Mission Trip

Saturday, July 1st – Please pray for safe travels as drive to Roswell, New Mexico (approximately 550 miles) and may we have an evening of good rest before we finish our drive into Mescalero, New Mexico on Sunday morning.

Sunday, July 2nd – From Home to Here. Luke 24:13 We have all taken a road trip to get to camp. We’re here for a reason. Let’s find out that reason together.

Monday, July 3rd – From Disappointment to Doubt. Luke 24:13-24 Sometimes the unexpected events along the road create disappointment. Our disappointment can lead to doubt, especially when Jesus doesn’t seem to be doing what we expect Him to do. Jesus walks through our doubt with us, working with us to resolve our doubt. Even when we don’t see him clearly.

Tuesday, July 4th – From Doubt to Hope. Luke 24:25-27 Jesus was saying the travelers “don’t you understand the story?” Hope comes from Jesus revealing himself at just the right time. What happens when Jesus appears on your road to bring meaning to your story?

Wednesday, July 5th – From Hope to Hunger. Luke 24:28-35 When Jesus ate a meal with the travelers, they suddenly saw him for who he was! But….then he was gone, leaving them hungry for more from Jesus. Each step with Jesus makes us want more. More of his love. More of his forgiveness. More…..of HIM. This is also our free half-day. We will work at our projects in the morning and then gather back together after lunch to head out to an adventure park! Please pray for fun, safety and lots of laughter as we zipline! Eeek!

Thursday, July 6th – From Hunger to Joy. Luke 24: 36-48 Jesus is real! He proved he was real to the travelers, he wasn’t just imaginary. How is Jesus proving to you that he’s real? Joy comes from know the real Jesus.

Friday, July 7th – From Joy to Home. Luke 24:49 The disciples, thrilled by their meal with Jesus, took the road back home to Jerusalem. They were like new people. Inspired by Jesus. Going with the Holy Spirit. That the road home for us as well!

Saturday, July 8th – Please pray for safe travels for all of the youth groups as we depart from New Mexico back to our homes. It will be a long day on the road as we are driving straight back to Austin. Please pray that the time spent was beneficial for not only the youth involved but that those we served are reminded of and feel Jesus’ love even after we are gone.