Welcome Luke!

Welcome Luke!

This month, we are honored to add Luke Mayernik to the staff as Central Christian Church’s newest organist.

Heralded as:

“Stylish… elegant… intriguing…” by Choir and Organ magazine
“Delicious and imaginative” by Pulitzer prize winner & US Poet Laureate Rita Dove

Luke Mayernik is an award winning composer, organist, pianist, harpsichordist, improviser, and collaborative artist. Earning his M.M. in Composition from The San Francisco Conservatory of Music with the highest honors (May 2017), Luke studied with David Garner and David Conte.

Luke has been accorded several first prizes in improvisation and composition respectively, including:
The 2014 University of Michigan International Improvisation Competition
The 2011-2013 CROPATRIA International Composition Competitions
The 2008 Royal Canadian College of Organists Competition
The 2004 AGO International Competition in Improvisation.
Also in 2004, Luke was awarded the prestigious Associate Certificate by the American Guild of Organists.

A passionate teacher and mentor, Luke has presented masterclasses and lecture-recitals in interpretation, improvisation, and composition at [inter]national universities, schools, and conventions. With a growing catalog of both sacred, secular, and concert works, Luke’s original compositions are published with E.C. Schirmer, Hal Leonard, Walton Music, Graphite Publishing, OCP, H.T. Fitzsimons, and many others. Awarded a full scholarship and a teaching position in composition/music theory, Luke is a doctoral candidate in Music Composition at The University of Texas at Austin.
Did you know?
The organ began making its way into churches around 900 CE. Exactly how and why remains an enigma, but it appears that the organ was first used for ceremonial purposes. By the 1400s, the use of organs was well established in monastic churches and cathedrals throughout Europe. Large and small organs were in use on festival occasions and in alternation with church choirs for liturgical purposes. While most Americans may link the organ to the church, the instrument was around for more than 1100 years before it made its way into a church setting.