A Message from the Music Minister

It’s hard to believe another month has already passed by, but I’m grateful for that because Texan summers are tough (especially for someone from Wisconsin like me)! I’m looking forward to the cooler temperatures of fall in another few months.

Summertime is also usually a time of year when we have less people during the worship service for a variety of reasons…from vacations to people going somewhere cooler during the summer months. (In Wisconsin we would say we were “Snow Birds” if we lived somewhere warmer during the wintertime. Maybe there is a similar term in Texas…”Summer Birds”?)

Anyway, part of having less people during the summer brings me to what I would like to talk about in this month’s newsletter article…and that is sitting closer together. Having less people but still being spread out in our large sanctuary puts a lot of distance between all of us.

The Praise and Worship Team has been discussing how we could making that distance a little less, and decided that blocking off the back few pews would help us get closer to each other as a congregation.

When we had our recent mission Sunday kickoff in the community hall it had such a lovely feeling of camaraderie and fellowship, which was due in part I believe to sitting closer together. The congregational singing was also stronger because of the closer proximity. When we are able to hear the melody from those around us and join in without feeling like our voices are sticking out that gives us more confidence to sing the hymns.

I’m hoping that singing confidence will transfer over to the sanctuary when we are all sitting a little closer together as well, and I’m hoping the increased camaraderie will also transfer over into the sanctuary. I’m looking forward to us all being a little closer, and I hope you are too!