A Message from the Music Minister

While the choir is off for the summer, I thought it might be nice to share this top ten list in hopes that it speaks to anyone who may be thinking if they’d like to join the choir at Central.

I found this online written by Cynthia A. Boyd, and I thought it was very fitting. She listed her top ten reasons for singing in a church choir…and how singing with the choir has positively affected her life.

I hope you enjoy reading this, and as you do please consider sharing your voice, and your love of the divine, with our congregation through singing with the Central Christian Church choir

Top Ten Reasons for Singing in a Church Choir by Cynthia A. Boyd

#10 – I love to sing in my church choir because of the incredible songs that God has inspired men and women to write, which then become part of my own spiritual journey.

#9 – I believe that singing praise to God is the closest thing to Heaven that I can experience on this earth.

#8 – Singing in my church choir allows me to participate in something that is so much bigger than myself.

#7 – Singing in my church choir has allowed me to get to know so many wonderful people who love the Lord and have a heart of service.

#6 – Singing in my church choir has implanted incredibly profound messages within my heart and soul through the lyrics of the songs that I have been able to sing.

#5 – Singing in my church choir has given me many opportunities to share the good news of Jesus Christ in many settings, throughout my home country and in other countries as well.

#4 – Singing in my church choir allows me to participate in the overall ministry of leading in worship, which is a joy and a privilege.

#3 – Singing in my church choir allows for a type of expression of praise to the Lord that could not be accomplished in any other way.

#2 – Singing in my church choir is more than a hobby or an activity. It is a calling.

#1 – Singing in my church choir gives me an opportunity to express my love for the Lord.