Bound by Faith

Bound by Faith

A Note From Pastor Heidi

I’m a total Pinterest junkie and love saving quotes to the different boards/categories – Motivational Moments, Jesus take the wheel and Words to live by are just a few of mine. The following two quotes have been my mantra over the last 6 weeks as I have begun working on my Masters degree at Phillips Theological Seminary.

This quote from Tony Robbins reminds me of my grandmother who use to often say, “faith without action is dead” James 2:17. She was often referring to one of the fellow members of her small, country town Lutheran church who would want to do some thing but would not want to do the necessary work to make the thing happen. I’m beginning to see that my desire for action is deep rooted, all the way back to my grandparents. I recall her saying, “everyone wants fresh corn but notice that not everyone has a field, nor a tractor running in it before the sun comes up.” Honestly, as a kid, I often didn’t get it other than she was implying for us to not be lazy but now it all means so much more. We are all called to show our faith by our deeds.


This second quote is now taped to my laptop as all of my studies are online, therefore, when I’m having to interact with other students from my classes I often feel completely overwhelmed and outsmarted I just read this one aloud, sometimes I have to read it multiple times! The professors and students have all been so supportive and kind and many have also shared their challenges with the course content as well as learning how to manage life and school successfully. It’s a delicate balance and one that I’m certain will take much time to figure out. Nonetheless, I am enjoying the challenges by people who are so incredibly academically skilled and I’m enjoying the camaraderie created amongst fellow clergy. It’s reaffirmed daily that I’m in the correct room! Are you in the correct room? If not, step out – find a group that challenges you. And when in doubt, read the quote above out loud. Multiple times if necessary


Until next month, I’d invite each of you to join us each Tuesday night at 8pm as we log into Zoom for a prayer gathering – a time to pray with one another for those near and dear to us, for our community and for our world. Click on this link to join us!