Bound by Faith

Bound by Faith

A Note From Pastor Heidi

Last month I wrote about how chaos often occurs before change so I
thought I’d follow that up with a quote that my dad would often say to me,
“change is the only constant in life.” My dad was very well read but I was
pretty certain that he didn’t make that quote up so I did some research and
by that, I mean that I Googled it!

A Greek philosopher named Heraclitus who lived some 500 years before Jesus Christ gets the credit for having said that “change is the only
constant in life.” Heraclitus was an interesting fellow who had some rather
dark and radical philosophies but he is said to have influenced many other
philosophers including the likes of Plato and Aristotle. Interesting that a
quote from so long ago can still be so relevant to today’s society and its

Every day, everywhere things are changing around us. The weather is
slowing turning away from the dog days of summer into somewhat cooler
temperatures here in Austin, a new school year has begun for kids and families and football games have started which always signifies a new season is here in Texas.

As we move through this season of the year and this time in our lives and in our church’s life, let us slow our pace and focus on the important things in our lives, in our community of faith, and in our communities in which we work and live. May we embrace the changes that lie ahead in each area of our lives for the only thing in life that is constant is change.