From the Reverend’s Desk

Christians around the world have entered the holiest month of the year as they journey with Jesus toward the cross and the ultimate mystery of the Resurrection on Easter morning. I invite you to reflect on this central mystery of our faith. I will share with you my very personal response to the question: “Why Do I Need the Resurrection?”

Shower, breakfast, exercise at MADabolic, get to work, figure out lunch, sit in traffic for almost an hour going home, make dinner, connect with my wife, sleep. It’s easy to forget. But after every mass shooting, I need the resurrection. When my friend’s son or daughter dies from drugs or alcohol, I need the resurrection. When another IED explodes, I need the resurrection. And when I see the flash of a Mockingbird’s wings in flight, when racism and white supremacy ends, when my nation exemplifies the Beatitudes, I need the resurrection. In the sorrow and the joy, the resurrection reminds me: goodness will last, light overcomes darkness, life triumphs over death.

Why do you need the resurrection?