Health & Wellness from Carol

Protect your liver

  • Drink Coffee- a few cups a day
  • Don’t Overdo Acetaminophen- It’s in many meds
  • Practice Safe Sex
  • Take Your Meds as directed
  • Check on Your Supplements-may damage liver
  • Skip Herbal Liver Remedies-harmful side effects
  • Drink Only in Moderation-women 1, men 2/day
  • Eat the Rainbow- Multiple colored foods
  • Keep a Healthy Body Weight-BMI 18-25
  • Wash Your Hands- germs damage liver
  • Exercise Regular- improves insulin, burns fat
  • Avoid Toxins- cleaning sprays, insecticides
  • Watch Out for Needle Risks-even if accidental
  • Check for Liver Damage-Annual blood work
  • Get Vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B

Have questions about your health or medicines? Carol Lydic is our Faith Community Nurse is always willing and ready to help you!