Health & Wellness from Carol

Hello Everyone!

I am Carol Lydic. I joined Central Christian Church in October of 2016. I have never felt so welcomed
in a church. Central Christian Church has already become my church home and faith community.
With this in mind, I am honored to now be serving as your Parish Nurse, also called a Faith
Community Nurse.

I am retired from nursing in 2013, after forty years of working as a RN. Most of my experience
was in cardiac nursing and the operating room. I will never forget all the wonderful, exciting,
challenging, and worthwhile experiences I’ve had, as well as all of the great friends I made. I worked in
Houston, Beaumont, Austin, and in New Jersey. My time in New Jersey had to be the most rewarding
as I was able to stay in one place for fifteen years. I’ll never forget the day I drove to work over a
small mountain pass in New Jersey while watching the smoke from the World Trade Center cover the
nearby cities. When I arrived to work that day, we hurriedly got supplies ready and operating rooms
available to receive patients. However sadly, there were non. This will always be a day embedded in
my memory.

As your Faith Community Nurse, my goals at this time are education and support. While I won’t
be providing direct patient care, I will be available as a support person, or reference, along with
providing referrals to community agencies and supports groups when needed. I will be requesting volunteers
from the church community that are able to supply me with contacts and/or referrals to these
agencies we want to connect with. Remember, mental, physical, and spiritual health are all areas of
concern, and we will be searching for the latest news and best connections available.

I will be visiting the American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, American Cancer
Society, and other organizations for handout information , as well as potential speakers. I would
love to see us walk as a church group for fundraisers with some of these organizations.

I look forward to having an annual health fair with local speakers and vendors for new and updated
information on disease processes along with new educational materials, medical supplies, and
equipment. Health screening can be a part of this (possibly a “let’s check your blood pressure” day!).

I will be seeking input as to what topics you would like covered as well as what format is most
popular ( lecture, questions, personal time, etc.). Also, I’d like to know what days are most popular
(day, evening, weekends). I can see a relaxed monthly Sunday interaction in the community room after
church service. We can get one or two representatives from an organization and sit while we ask questions
and enjoy refreshments. As your nurse, I will be growing in my faith and knowledge of preventing
and minimalizing illness, as well as focusing on the intentional care of the spirit as part of the process
of promoting holistic health. I will be meeting with Heidi to learn more about existing support
groups as well as other ideas she may have.

Last, but certainly not least, I am an American Heart Association Certified CPR/AED and First
Aid instructor. It is a fun few hours out of your day to learn CPR and save a life. Remember, 70% of
out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occur while at home, in which a victim has a two to three times greater
chance of survival if early high-quality CPR is initiated.

This will truly be a faith and Holy Spirit filled adventure for all of us.
God Bless,

Carol Gay