Jan McLendon

Years Attending CCC: 27
Occupation: Special Education Teacher
Hobbies: Running, dirt bike riding, gardening, thrifting
Why You Love CCC: I do not have to prepare to come to Central. I am comfortable being vulnerable and honest. I have always felt welcomed and included. When I walk in the doors, I feel like I am home. It is kind of like being with family only better!

Anything Else You’d Like People To Know About You?
I found CCC when I was looking for a church for my wedding. Of course, the members did not know that and they greeted and welcomed me in a way I had never felt. There was genuine interest in me and enthusiasm in my presence. I could not wait to return. My husband and I are so blessed to have had the members of Central help us raise our three children to be thoughtful, giving, Christian adults.