Rev Janet Maykus

Interim Minister Janet Maykus

Today in worship, Elder Ben Broughton reminded us that we are in a new year, that each new year is a book, and each page is opportunity. We have so many wonderful opportunities before us this year. We soon will train our new elders and deacons. I am excited about working with them to guide our congregation in our ministry and mission. We will begin conversations about your vision for Central Christian, and what you hope to find in your next pastor.

I plan on finding opportunities for us to get to know one another better; opportunities that bring happiness and joy. Sometimes I think this congregation does not realize how special it is. We live in a time when our society is fractured. Seldom will you find a place where people gather for the common good if they belong to different political parties, are of different socio-economic backgrounds, or are of different races. Central Christian is such a rare place.

I look forward to this year of opportunities. I like to think of this as our year of YES. Let us grow to learn more about one another, about ways to serve the greater community, about dreams for next steps. I hope we will continue to grow as an island of sanity in this frenzied world.