787 Collective

The “Why” of Young Adult Ministries at Central

We believe young adults are actively pursuing their deep spiritual yearnings for community and meaning through environmental action, social justice, creative expression, and other life-giving activities.

Christian communities, such as Central Christian Church, hold these same spiritual and religious yearnings in the wisdom and practice of an ancient and living tradition.

Our hope in the 787 Collective is that together we might discover new and innovative methods for bridging Christian communities and young adults in ways that will transform both populations.

The “What” of Young Adult Ministries at Central

While being engaged in the world, young adults might struggle with loneliness, alienation, anxiety and feeling lost.

We acknowledge and recognize these same human experiences, and invite the diversity of the young adult community to explore spiritual practices and religious yearnings – from ancient and modern traditions.

Join us to glean more wisdom and begin to learn new practices so that you can feel more connected to a spiritual community.

Upcoming Young Adult Ministry Events

Who We Are

We recognize young adults as anyone who is 21-35 years of age. Our facilitators for young adult events are the members on our 787 Collective team.