A Message from the Music Minister

Many of you may know my educational and professional background is in music theatre performance, but I studied digital media as well while in college which I am also very passionate about. Digital media provides exciting ways to experience the world around us, and I am particularly interested in virtual reality and what that could mean for our spiritual lives.

There are two types of ideas when it comes to virtual reality and churches. The first is having moments of worship entirely in a virtual space. There are already multiple types of these “virtual churches”, and one even averages 150 virtual avatars each week in attendance! One of these days I plan on visiting a virtual church in my headset, just to see what it’s like…but this is not the type of virtual reality for worship that I’m interested in bringing to Central.

The second type of VR is using virtual reality too enhance our physical worship, and this is what I am most excited about! There are multiple virtual reality experiences that have been created that I would love to share with Central Christian Church. One such experience was created for Easter Sunday. This example is more on the extreme side, but I read about a physical church that had about 100 VR headsets and each congregation member wore one during the Easter Sunday service and the entire congregation experienced a virtual reality 3D video recreation of people rolling back the stone from Jesus’ tomb to find it empty. What a shocking moment to all experience together! Almost like travelling back in time!

I don’t foresee us here at Central wearing 100 headsets at the same time during the worship service, but I do see us after the service in the community room taking turns with the two headsets that I currently own experiencing various three dimensional spaces that would contribute new understandings and perspectives for our spiritual journeys.

There is even a 70 minute virtual reality film titled “7 Miracles” that recreates the seven miracles of Jesus, giving the viewer the feeling of being in Biblical times witnessing these miracles first hand!

I would love to start sharing some of these virtual reality experiences with anyone that might be interested at Central! Please feel free to reach out to me if you’re interested, and keep an eye out for any special VR events scheduled in the future!