A Message from the Music Minister

Happy New Year Everyone!

It’s hard to believe we are now in the year 2020! As I was thinking about what my personal new year’s resolutions would be, I started thinking about what some resolutions would be for our church as a whole. I came across this interesting article from 2018, that took a look at four resolutions that can be useful for churches.

In summary, these were…
1. Clarify the Mission
2. Evaluate
3. Put Your People First
4. Focus On Your Greatest Gift

Here is the link to the article if you’d like to read in depth about each resolution…

There was a lot of good advice in this article about important things to think about when it come to our church life. One of those items I related to was how easy it is to focus on smaller tasks, but loose sight of the larger mission of the church. For example, it’s very easy when sharing a piece of music to get down on oneself for making a mistake and worry about how now this piece that you’ve practiced is ruined…but the important thing is if that music moved someone spiritually, not if the piece was executed perfectly.

Did any of these resolutions speak to you? I’d love to talk about it sometime. It’s been a wonderful year of worshipping together in 2019, and I look forward to what we will do and where we will go as a church family in 2020!